XAOC Devices Belgrad

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analogue multimode filter with variable sound character and ten frequency responses



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The Belgrad is an analogue multimode filter with variable sound character and ten frequency responses. Thanks to its two resonance peaks, the module is capable of extraordinary results like formant sounds.

Belgrad is a fully analog dual core filter. Its input level can be adjusted using a potentiometer, high values produce slight overdrive effects. The cutoff knob covers frequencies from 4 Hz to 28 kHz. Additionally, a modulation bus with attenuator is present. The ten frequency responses are created by combining two filter characteristics such as highpass, bandpass, lowpass or notch. Depending on the settings of the Belgrad, its slope(s) can vary between -6 dB and -24 dB per octave. The basic sound is thick and comforting. Harsh to aggressive sound can be achieved using the self- and cross-modulation features of the module.

The resonance values of both peaks are adjusted with just one knob. However, thanks to an additional balance potentiometer it is possible to emphasize one or the other. Furthermore, a span knob is present, which sets the distance between the peaks. All resonance parameters can be influenced by control voltages. The span bus includes another attenuator. High resonance values lead to sharp sounding self-oscillation of the filter. Utilizing the 1V/oct-Input, the user can then play the Belgrad like a sinus oscillator.

One audio input and output

control voltage inputs for cutoff, resonance, balance and span plus a 1V/oct connector


14 HP, compatible with Skiff cases

Power consuption: 45 mA at +12 V und -42 mA at -12 V